At Knuckle Busters LLC, we specialize in customizing your off road vehicle to better handle Arizona’s prime off road environments for a safer, more reliable off roading experience. With a wide variety of local terrain from the desert, forests or event the rugged mountains, we want your off road vehicle to perform its best.

Scored from the demented mind of Mr Carnage, AKA Dave O

Building Jeeps and selling Jeep parts has been a passion of Dave’s for many years. Originally this was a practice to put food on the table while raising his two children. As time passed he formed several other companies and partnerships, some were great and others not so great. Along the way Dave learned how to treat his customers, provide a good product and build some killer Jeeps. Building and working on Jeeps has become second nature for this demented individual! Dave takes much pride in buying and selling quality parts to Jeeper’s at reasonable prices, delivering quality goods and service to his friends and fellow wheelers.  At Knucklebusters customers are family and thats how they can expect to be treated.


We are a custom fabrication shop that serves all in the off road community. From small projects up to complete custom designed chassis and suspensions.

OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Knuckle Busters provides exceptional quality parts with a large selection of foreign and domestic used auto parts off road trucks and SUV’s.

and Repair

From factory recommended maintenance to complete auto repair, the experts at Knuckle Busters can help keep your Jeep or any off road truck out in the field longer.

Customization and Restoration

Knuckle Busters specializes in building and restoring Jeeps but are proud to provide service for all your trucks and SUV’s.

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